GSP Rushfit Review – Train Like An MMA Fighter

GSP Rushfit Review

If you are interested in challenging workouts, building strength while losing fat, or even conditioning your body to fight MMA style,  you might be interested in checking out GSP Rushfit. Created by MMA legend George St. Pierre, this intense workout program seems to be a favorite among people who have used other popular workouts such as PX90 or Insanity. Continue reading »

Top 10 MMA Training Tips

MMA Training Tips

When you decide to submerge yourself in MMA training, you have made an excellent decision. You will achieve benefits beyond your own comprehension, but you will work for it also. Pay no heed to anyone who makes light of the challenge before you. You will be training like a champion because all MMA prepared enthusiasts deserve to be called a champion.

There are some training tips that will be foundational in your everyday workout for the rest of your life and some that are just good general beginning tips. Regardless, this is where you want to start and where you will always want to reference back to.

Before we get started and go too deep into the tips, let’s make sure you understand exactly what MMA is and what it’s all about.

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MMA Moves Anyone Can Do

MMA MovesMMA Moves

Many people are turning to MMA, or mixed martial arts, as a way get into great shape and even learn some self-defense techniques. There are a multitude of exercise possibilities that can bring you a six pack, loss of flab, and increased self-confidence. But, you have to learn and you have to practice.

If you are interested in learning more about MMA and getting into “fighting form,” here are some tips to help you learn how to master some key moves. Continue reading »

All About Rushfit


When we started hearing about the Rushfit phenomenon sweeping the fitness world, we had to find out what it was all about. We put in hours of research to reveal exactly what people are finding useful about the workout, and what things they are saying they don’t like.

After we do such an investigation, sometimes we’ll decide to stand behind a product, and for others we will bow out gracefully. From what it looks like thus far, GSP Rushfit seems to be the real deal, but we’re not quite finished yet. There’s some more investigating we want to do and so we thought we’d bring you along for the journey.

So…let’s get started with deciphering, uncovering, and revealing.

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